Travel Notes: Taking a step back with Applied User Story Mapping

17 February 2017 -

Yesterday I attended a workshop my friend Folkert invited me to join. A workshop with a very long title, focused on product design. Since I’m working on this product idea (working title: travel notes), I guessed it might be fun to see how other’s do it. Today I took a step back to the drawing board and tried the method evangelically proposed by AJ&Smart’s JC himself. And I loved it!

My blog is not very suited to it, but I’m going to try and make this post visual. Because that’s what today mainly was about: getting out all my ideas and make a choice on what to prototype.

Travel Notes: the concept

9 February 2017 -

So you know by now I have a problem with taking travel notes and I want to fix it. But how you ask? It’s gonna be great. It’s gonna be the best travel app out there. Together we will make travel-note-taking great again. It’s true!

I hereby promise that’s the one and only Trump-reference I’ll make here. Sorry about that. Let me tell you how I’m fixing my problem. Trust me, it’s huuuge!

About travel notes

2 February 2017 -

Ever since my friend Stef introduced me to it, I’ve loved Workflowy. I use it to take notes of meetings, type out concepts and strike off todo lists. I don’t always use it, because sometimes I feel like writing in IA Writer, Google Docs or just an old fashioned email. But of all of these apps I might love Workflowy most, because it fits my style.

In high school history classes I wrote down the important stuff and connected everything with arrows. And nowadays when I take written notes, I write them in lists: Agenda items, issues, possible solutions and actions. Workflowy facilitates just that: taking note in lists. A match made in heaven!